So What Do You Get With Bansko WiFi?

Bansko WiFi Hotspot offers the below as part of the standard package 

Demonstration Of A Login Screen

•Provide free guest WiFi with social login to enhance the customer experience

•Gain customer insights like never before to help you with your marketing

•Boost social media profile and enhance customer engagement, therefore aiding to increase sales

•Real-time marketing tools to improve customer loyalty and to increase revenue

•Detailed reporting and customer data

•A fully customisable splash and landing pages giving you more branding and sales opportunities

Actionable Insights

•The Bansko Wifi reporting engine is similar to Google Analytics for ‘offline’ businesses

•Find out who is visiting, how long they stay, how often they return, and capture detailed demographics data which can then be used for marketing purposes.

Social Media Access Posts

•Over 50% of people post messages about your brand when logging on, aids awareness and visibility amongst your customers and their online friends

•Venues can tailor posts according to the store and current offers. These posts reach each person’s social network of friends, therefore increasing marketing visibility.

•E-shots  can be set up quickly and efficiently

•Promotions and offers can be scheduled and sent based on visits, loyalty, dwell time, birthdays and much more

•E-shots can be targeted and segmented based on the key demographic data collected to further enhance your marketing Return On Investment

•Social updates can be posted on your customers social media pages to further increase your marketing reach

Presence Analytics

Presence Analytics is an Enterprise Solution 

Analytical Data Reporting

•How long the devices stay in a location and how often the device returns, you can instantly see how many repeat customers you receive.

•Reports such as;  footfall, repeat vs new visitors, average number of visits, average visitor duration and how recent someone visits, through this you can tailor e-shots to specific customers to reward their loyalty.

•Marketing messages can be sent to logged in users based on their activity, further enhancing a tailored customer experience.

•E-shots can be sent when a returning customer arrives, if they have not been detected for some time, or if they have been in a particular area of the store or venue for a set period, aiding to improve your customer experience and increase the potential for repeat visits.

Location Based Services

Location Based Services is an Enterprise Solution 

Presence Analytics

•By integrating floor plans to the system we can heat map people’s movement and even draw ‘fences’ around specific areas.  Utilising this technology allows you to send specific coupons to customers if they are looking at specific products in your business.

For instance imagine being able to send a coupon to a persons device looking at jeans for sale, and then knowing the effectiveness of this coupon.

•Bansko Wifi can detect how long consumers remain in geo-fenced areas and assist venues to develop marketing engagement strategies

You can make your customer feel personal and rewarded further enhancing the customer experience and ultimately increasing sales.

•Real time marketing tools, including email and promotional messages sent to a consumer’s phone, highlighting offers in the store

You could potentially cut down on sales staff and overheads whilst still increasing customer engagement and making your customers feel special to your business.

Bansko Wifi is proud to be a partner with Purple Wifi to bring you the latest proximity marketing innovation with the full systems and technical support.