Full Coverage Wifi for Stadiums and City Centres using Social Wifi

Stadium Wi-Fi

Fans expect their mobile experience to be as good as—if not better than—their experience on the way to and from the event. There is an increasing need for stadiums and arenas to provide the seamless and reliable connectivity necessary to address these needs and the emerging business opportunities associated with event and venue specific applications.

Our sporting events Wi-Fi solution is designed to meet the unique needs of large crowds of passionate fans as well as handle all of the traditional back office and operational needs.

By enhancing the coverage and capacity of traditional Wi-Fi technologies, it provides an optimal environment for fans to access an increased array of data applications with all types of mobile devices in the venue.

Stadium Wi-Fi benefits include:

Revenue opportunities

  • Targeted promotions, advertisements, and unique sponsor activations
  • Generate Social Media engagement and enhancement
  • Receive detailed analytical data, whilst building a marketing list allowing you to engage with your fans once they have left the sporting arena.

New and enhanced fan experiences

  • Real-time, uninterrupted access to web and stadium-specific social media, plus exclusive location based applications that augment the experience
  • Increased levels of interactivity and personalisation to engage fans in compelling ways
  • Uninterrupted voice and text services that allow fans to enjoy the event like never before
  • Create a social “buzz” with your fans by engaging with them directly on their devices

Operational benefits

  • Single converged Wi-Fi for employee, operations and fan-facing needs
  • Reliable connectivity
  • Simplified administration and management
  • Marketing support

City Centre Wi-Fi

With the mass adoption of WiFi enabled mobile devices we all are demanding Wi-Fi coverage wherever we are and this is driving demand for WiFi in public areas. High streets, public parks, shopping centres and public transport will all have pervasive coverage in the near future.

Many councils are missing revenue opportunities by not offering a public Wi-Fi services in town centres or high streets, especially if the council is a holiday resort.  Councils can advertise the availability of free Wi-Fi across the resort which will help visitors avoid roaming charges and therefore make the resort more appealing.

Using our unique solution councils or private landlords can increase visitors and generate a steady revenue income.

Operational Benefits

  • Generate a large revenue
  • Attract more visitors
  • Keep visitors for longer periods
  • Stay ahead of the game
  • Gain digital city / smart city status
  • Through the marketing database you can engage with your visitors and send special offers to encourage them to return again
  • Through the social media you can show the world just how great your city or resort is, which will give you far reaching brand awareness

Mobile operators and 802.11u 

Mobile operators are now looking to Wi-Fi to offload data services.

Councils and landlords own assets that mobile operators will want to either install Wi-Fi for free or pay for bandwidth on existing Wi-Fi networks.

Keeping the revenue

Independently installed Wi-Fi services enable charging the mobile operators for offloading their data through established networks.

Our unique solution can be deployed in a matter of weeks which means that you can get up and running, receiving a revenue within no time at all.