Ruckus Wireless integrates beacons

With its latest expansion of SPoT™ Location Based Service, Ruckus Wireless is helping retailers, hotels, venues, advertisers, etc. improve the ROI and monetize wireless networks with beacons, amongst other improvements. The users of Ruckus SPoT™ are...

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WiFi- The Future Of Retail

Smart consumers are Wi-Fi-A-Holics.  They live and breathe 24/7 internet access and are constantly on the look out for free Wi-Fi Hotspots when they are away from the home or office.  In 2012 there were 1.12 Billion smartphones being used and this is predicted to rise to 2.43 billion smartphone devices in operation by 2016.

So […]

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WiFi Is The New Cigarette – Social WiFi Is The Patch

As technology moves forward and people become more and more reliant on the internet, it has been noted that Wifi has become and integral part of everyday lives.  But just how far has it come, and how important is Wifi and the internet in peoples lives? Wifi is all around us, you can’t walk into […]

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Why Is Free WiFi Important?

Everywhere you go Free Wi-Fi is available, retailers and business owners provide this service as a way to entice customers into their premises, but not many actually know why they are doing it apart from keeping up with the competition.
In a survey customers were asked “would the availability of In-Store Wi-Fi influence where you shop?”
At […]

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